Damped and Driven

hindenerg: v. to fail catastrophically, really catastrophically
April 7, 2008, 9:34 pm
Filed under: Not School, School

A buddy of mine in college had that poster on the wall in his dorm room. I’d always got a kick out of it (no disrespect to the dead) but before becoming a teacher had never witnessed a situation so accurately represented by that picture as the feeling you get when a classroom devolves.

Some days class Hindenburgs on you, you might be bracing for it, you might not be expecting it. In either case, shit happens. Sometimes in retrospect, your plans for the day seem to make about as much sense as having a smoking room on blimp made out of a giant sack of extremely flammable gas(its true), but more often its a lack of planning rather than bad planning. Thankfully, tomorrow is another day to do better and to create better (air-tight you might say :P) lessons.


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